LED Insert Replacement Kit

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With this kit you can replace an Enduro Wall and Path light LED without removing the light housing, capstone, or countertop.

To install replacement LED insert:

  1. Remove the two stainless steel screws on the wall and path light cover (Torx T-10), and remove it.
  2. Cut and strip the wires as close to the LED insert that needs to be replaced as possible.
  3. Determine how much wire on the replacement LED insert you need and cut and strip those wires.
  4. Slide the included heat shrink over the two wires on the replacement LED insert (be careful not to forget this step)
  5. Match the wire colors and overlap the striped portion of the wires inside the included crimp connectors and crimp with crimping pliers.
  6. Slide the two heat shrink tubes over the crimp connectors and shrink with a heat gun or over an open flame.
  7. Replace the LED insert into the light housing, replace the cover and replace the two stainless steel screws